Immerse yourself in the creative process.

Omnivox is a great place to be if you want to immerse your­self in the cre­ative process. The whole build­ing is yours when you rent the stu­dio. That means the stu­dio, the guest apart­ment, patio and gar­den. You have full access to the record­ing room 24 hours a day and can sched­ule your days exact­ly as you please. 

Omnivox is locat­ed just out­side Bor­länge in Dalar­na. Trav­el time from Stock­holm is approx. 2.5 hours.

Customers include:
Recorded at Omnivox Studio.
Tracks lacking vitality?

Did you ever expe­ri­ence that a project you are work­ing on los­es its vital­i­ty with each lay­er you add? If you work “in the box”, the prob­lem is often due to the fact that it is record­ed against a click and that the musi­cians add their con­tri­bu­tions one by one instead of togeth­er. If you use soft­ware instru­ments instead of real instru­ments, even more of what feels real is lost. 

Try using a big studio

The solu­tion to the prob­lem is to record, prefer­ably togeth­er, in a stu­dio big enough for a band, an orches­tra, a choir or what­ev­er you need. You get the groove that can only arise in a live meet­ing between musi­cians. Plus you get the chance to record real instru­ments in a way that brings out the very best for your project.

Our offer

Omnivox is an old-school record­ing stu­dio, in every detail designed to give you the best con­di­tions for the cre­ative jour­ney. Here you will find a large record­ing room of 90 square meters with a ceil­ing height of 5.5 m. The room is acousti­cal­ly bal­anced to keep a bit of char­ac­ter. There are two vocal/amplifier booths, in case you want to iso­late vocals dur­ing a live record­ing. There is also a big con­trol room with clas­sic UREI 813 speak­ers, a plate reverb, a few tape echos, com­pres­sors, har­mo­niz­er etc. 

A pletho­ra of instru­ments are free to use. Here’s a 1959 Malm­sjö semi-con­cert grand piano + two dif­fer­ent upright pianos. 10+ vin­tage key­board instru­ments such as Clavinet D6, Soli­na, VOX Con­ti­nen­tal, Farfisa Com­pact, Juno 60, Ham­mond L‑100 + Leslie. Pre­mier drum set + per­cus­sion, vin­tage ampli­fiers from Fend­er, Mar­shall, Acoustic, Music Man etc. Good micro­phones and a fan­tas­tic re-capped 90s AMEK mix­er. You can choose between record­ing dig­i­tal­ly or track to 2″ tape. 

Things sound good here, plain and sim­ple! So cap­ture all you can and bring it back home on a hard drive! 

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