Siena Root @ Omnivox


One-day book­ings
One day, 8 hours, is SEK 4.300+VAT (≈€430+VAT). You will also need a stu­dio tech­ni­cian, see below.

Stay for a few days
If you book sev­er­al days in a row, there are two impor­tant benefits:
1. You can stay for free in the guest apartment.
2. You can work around the clock instead of 8 hours a day.

Hav­ing a skilled tech­ni­cian on board is manda­to­ry for book­ing the stu­dio. Choose between bring­ing your own pro­fes­sion­al tech­ni­cian or hire one through us. Please get in con­tact and tell us your wish­es well in advance. Costs for a stu­dio tech­ni­cian is an addi­tion­al SEK 400/hour (≈€40).

The 1‑day rate includes:
— full access to the entire stu­dio; live room, con­trol room, mics, instru­ments, ampli­fi­er, drum kit, etc. If you want to track to tape you can bor­row 2″ tapes free of charge. (After dig­i­ti­za­tion the tapes are erased and re-used)
— free parking
— free access to kitchen and bathroom
— free wi-fi.

When book­ing sev­er­al days in a row:
You get the same as above plus a few addi­tion­al benefits:
— free overnight stay in the guest apart­ment (6 beds) adja­cent to the studio
— free parking
— free access to:
— kitchen with stove, microwave, fridge/freezer, dish­wash­er etc.
— bath­room with bathtub
— wash­ing machine, iron — free wi-fi — TV
— cin­e­ma with 3x5 m screen + stereo
— gar­den and patio with out­doors grill

• If you run a busi­ness or a com­pa­ny in the EU out­side of Swe­den you can reg­is­ter with us and pay by invoice. If you have a VAT-num­ber and oper­ate from a EU-coun­try you pay VAT in your own coun­try and will not be charged for VAT by us.
• Pri­vate cus­tomers pay before the time of record­ing using dig­i­tal ser­vices or cash.


We do our very best to keep the stu­dio tidy and clean.
After each cus­tomer we care­ful­ly clean the stu­dio, the bed­rooms and the kitchen. Hard sur­faces are dis­in­fect­ed. Tex­tiles are tak­en out for air­ing. Door knobs and such is cleaned and dis­in­fect­ed. In the bath­room you will find liq­uid soap, paper tow­els and hand dis­in­fec­tant. Let’s help each oth­er keep the stu­dio clean.

A cou­ple of rules:
• No pets allowed.
• No smok­ing indoors.
• No drinks or food out­side of the kitchen area.
• Please bring your own bed linen + towels.
• Bring your own food and drink. There is also a con­ve­nient store a few min­utes from the studio.

No pets allowed.

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